2 thoughts on “August 12, 2011 Dumaguete Tonight

  1. Thank you for archiving the daily news. I work here in Los Angeles and I am always listening to the news online while working. I look forward for the updates everyday. Listening to you guys helps my day go faster and up to date with news in Dumaguete. Thank you for providing this service. This is very helpful to us here overseas. Keep up the good work.

  2. hi don
    this is ELY DEJARESCO, station manager of DYEM STAR ENERGY FM in dumaguete. we are glad you are listening. which part of the news did most impact to you? what story? pls tell us how to improve our content. which part of dumaguete are you from? we also have a newspaper at http://www.negroschronicle.net for 38 yrs now. pls tell your friends to listen and read about NEWS FROM DUMAGUETE THRU DYEM AND NEGROS CHORNICLE. THANKS….ELY DEJARESCO

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