7 thoughts on “February 15, 2012 Good Morning Dumaguete

  1. thanke you for listening. are you from dumaguete?you might want to greet some friends and relatives here. pls mention their names. they could be round the corner listening! best regards!

  2. hi!
    are you stil listening over there in los angeles? Who’s this please? maybe we know each other. pls tell other dumaguetenos about DYEM STAR ENERGY FM, so they can also listen. okey? thanks.
    ely dejaresco

  3. hi Mr. Dejareseco we are your regular listener here in Washington dc and maryland area pls add more time on your good morning Dumaguete air time . Thank you

  4. Hi sir Ely, we are your regular listener here in London, sayang inyong new uploaded news cast kay dili mo play. Bason ma sort out ni, thanks!

  5. We are your regular listener Sir sa diha pami sa Dumaguete until now gapadayon lang gihapon mi ug paminaw Sir nga naa nami dere sa Modena Italy… Loud and clear kaayo ang signal Mura ra nga naa ko diha:) Thank you so much Sir more power and God Bless.

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